Sunday, July 13, 2008

Punishment Enema Weekend

These young ladies needed a full weekend of punishments!
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Naughty girl enemas

To provide the absolute best stimulation, I like to use large nozzles or retention nozzles that assure a good enema will be retained.
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Punishment positions

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Not sure why text is cut off

Thanks for the posts about the text problem.  Not sure why, hope it fixes itself.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

There is always pleasure!

Part of my pleasure comes from giving pleasure!  I enjoy taking control of a subfriends most intimate moment, orgasm.  I keep her just on the edge as I fill her tummy, encouraging her to take as much of her enema as possible.  As the pressure builds, letting her play with herself, or my own fingers will keep her on the edge of cumming, until just the right moment as the enema bag gurgles, signaling the last drops of warm soapy water have been pushed up her bottom.

Some of my friends have learned, the hard way, not to cum without permission!  Their full bottoms are given a good strapping with my wide leather belt, before they are allowed to go to the bathroom!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How I like to spank a bare bottom

I like to start a good spanking with the young lady over my lap after I have removed all of her clothing.  Stripping her is an embarassing process that can be done very slowly.  My personal preference is to take her down to just her socks and shoes.  There is just something “naughty girl” like about a naked young lady about to be properly punished, wearing nothing but her socks and shoes!

For a really long spanking, I would place her over my lap while sitting on the bed.  This would support her chest and make it easier to breathe during a very intense punishment spanking.  Another benefit of this type of spanking is the ability to constantly check the naughty girl’s vagina for wetness.  If you are wet, you will be spanked harder and longer!  There will be no reward cummies until you have had your bare bottom reddened by my hand.

I am not adverse to using a paddle or strap on a bare bottom for extra naughty behavior, like playing with yourself without permission!  I will save those pictures for another time, as well as the embarassing positions I require my naughty girls to assume!


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Friday, May 30, 2008


I enjoy building the anticipation as much as actually administering the spankings and enemas!  I think my subbie friends like to build the mental anticipation as well.  After all, the actual spanking and enema takes maybe a half hour to 45 minutes, but the build up and preparation, if done properly, should last several hours!  Imagine having to stand, naked, with your hands clasped behind your head, your bare bottom already a bright red from a good spanking, watching as I prepare the enema solution in the basin.  The nozzle is very intimidating, as I apply a liberal coating of vaseline.  “Sit down and pee young lady, I want no excuses to stop your enema!  You wince as your hot bottom comes in contact with the cool toilet seat.  Your face is crimson from the embarassment of urinating in front of me!  Get used to it, you are about to have your tight little bottom violated by the large enema nozzle.  I take you by the arm, lift you from the toilet and bend you over the enema stool.  “How do you want me” you whisper in a little girl voice, as I position you over the cushion.  “Way over, hands grasping the bottom of the stool, with your legs wide apart!”  You respond immediately to my ordered position, and feel the coolness of the air on your now exposed rosebud.  “Good girl” I pat you on your sore bottom, “now lets get you lubricated.”  I gently apply a liberal coating of cold cream to your winking anus, then reach into the basin of hot soapy water that I had just used to fill the enema bag.  In my gloved hand, I withdraw an adult rectal syringe, that was resting on the bottom of the basin, out of sight.  It is filled with KY lubricant, warmed to the temperature of the enema.  “Relax your bottom now, sweetie, I am going to give you a warm injection of KY to make it easier to get this nozzle up your bottom.”  You feel my fingers, gently pry the cheeks of your bottom apart, you blush at the thought of me seeing how wet your pussy is, as you feel the nozzle of the syringe slide into your bottom.  I squeeze the bulb, and you feel the first warm stream of KY oozing up inside you, I hear you moan, as your enema treatments begin…..
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Taking her upstairs for the rest of her enema

This one had a medical fetish.  So, the scene started in my makeshift doctors office, in my home office.  Her exam completed, I had the empty enema bad and balloon nozzle on the table, ready to be inserted.  I ordered her onto her tummy, and proceeded to lube her anus and gently inserted the nozzle in place.  Once inflated, it was not coming out.  Then, I marched her upstairs, to the master bathroom, where I had already prepared a large enema for her to take.  When she entered the bathroom, I hung up the bag on the hook, leaving her tethered there, with her big blue eyes begging for her next treatment.  Her little  girl voice asked how I wanted her, “On your knees, sweetie, bottom high in the air!”  She dropped immediately, working to position herself with her enema tubing hanging above her.  She assumed the knee chest position, like she had been taught, looking up at me as I held the clear pitcher of milky white soapy water in my hands, preparing to fill the enema bag. ..
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Getting the large nozzle up her bottom

She likes a good enema but not with the big nozzle!  Her bottom is very tight, so I take my time, with plenty of lubricant.  Vaseline works the best for this type of nozzle, with lots of encouragement and the threat of a spanking, she took it all!  I was proud of her, but she had to be taken into the bathroom for the removal.  She could not assure me that she would not leak after taking a large enema.  So I followed her with the defalted bag in hand, and the tubing swaying obscenly as it disappeared up her bottom as I walked her into the toilet.  I had her face the wall, and squat for me over the bowl.  I removed it slowly but the last inch came out quickly and she immediately squatted down for relief.
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Positioned for her spanking and enema

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