Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanks for the great comments

I enjoyed the comments and will respond directly to those who have expressed an interest in getting to know more about me.

I will add some new pics in the near future.  Some of the site was degraded by the changes at the host.  Not sure how to fix, probably will just leave as is.

The big question from some of the male viewers is how have I had the good fortune in meeting so many friends that share an interest in spankings and enemas?  My answer is patience and having a fun attitude about it.  It is play for me as it is for my friends.  Also, my pics span over 20 years of play.

More to come.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Pictures for your pleasure

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bath time!

I love giving a naughty girl a bath after she has been given a good spanking.  Here is a short “bedtime” story from one of my experiences….

Chris had been a moody girl all day Saturday, and I knew what she needed.  “You are getting a bath tonight young lady”, I said sternly at dinner, which caused her to pout.  She knew when I said “bath” it meant she would be cleaned inside and out!

I started cleaing the table and gave Chris explicit instructions to go prepare the bathroom.  Chris entered the bath with a sense of dread and excitement, she loved it when he took control, even though it meant she was in for a long evening of spankings and enemas.  She knew her lover would not let her suffering go unrewarded, because the sex after her “bathtime” was always the best!

They had designed the bathroom for play.  It was all white, with white tile on the floor, a bidet and a toilet.  When they had been in France, he purchased special attachments for the bidet, that he sometimes used to give her rinsing enemas after a large soapy enema.  The bathtub was a jacuzzi, big enough for two.  She always received her large enemas in the bathtub, on her knees, her bare bottom up in the air. He was always gentle with her, never forcing her to take a large amount, stopping and starting the flow anytime she expressed discomfort.  There was always the extra attention he gave her pussy during her enemas, which helped her take far more than she would have normally taken!

Now she stood at the sink, with a bowl full of warm water, swishing the bar of ivory soap in the basin.  She knew better than to try and get out of making a soapy enema but she was in a mood to push him.  The water was still clear when he entered the bathroom.  “Is it ready?” he whispered to her as he took her into his arms, and kissed her neck. “Yes” she sighed as his hands moved down her back and grabbed her still panty clad bottom.  She felt his hand move away from her butt and heard the sound of his hand entering the basin of water. “Smack”! A wet hand spanked her one bottom cheek.  “Chris, you know better than that!  I told you to make a soapy enema and you tried to trick me!  You are going to get it good tonight!  Get in the bedroom now and prepare your bottom for the strap!

Chris scooted down the hall to the bedroom, quickly removed her panties, leaving her tee shirt on for some warmth.  She did as she was told, took the pillows and moved them into the center of the bed, and mounted them.  She was open and ready for her punishments.  She could feel the wetness between her legs, she wanted to put her hand underneath herself, and touch her pussy.  She knew it would be worse if she got caught and was not in the mood for a paddling and a strapping!

She breathed deeply, trying to relax, hearing him in the bathroom, running her bath.  She knew he would make sure the water was milky white and frothy, before he filled the enema bag.  She wondered what type of nozzle or tubing he would put up her bottom tonight.  It did not matter what she wanted, he would choose for her and she would take it for him.

She flinched back to reality when he entered the room, and without saying a word, went to the closet and removed the wide leather belt that was only used for her spankings.  Beside it was the paddle with holes, hanging on a hook.  She liked to use the paddle on him when his attidude was bad, but tonight she was the one in need of correction.

“How many?” she whimpered, her bottom cheeks quivering in anticiaption.  He loved this moment, as he sat beside her and laid the spanking strap over her back, stroking her bare bottom and smacking it playfully, warming her for what was to come.  “As many as the kisses I am going to give you”, as he bent down and started kissing the cheeks of her bottom.  His hand was already at her pussy, forcing her legs open, so he could tease her.  It was hard to count the kisses!  When he was done, she thought there had been at least 20 kisses, maybe more!

Then he stood up, doubled the strap and snapped it to get her attention. “Bottom up and hold it there”…”good girl”… then the first stroke landed, and the next and Chris felt herself floating into subspace…

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pictures for your pleasure

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New pictures for your pleasure

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Show me your pussy!

 Having a naughty girl show me her wet pussy and exposed anus is very embarassing to the young lady.  It puts her in the proper frame of mind to what is going to happen next, a very large punishment enema.
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Age Play is Intense

I have never played with anyone who wanted to be this young but a couple that took me into their lives one weekend took it to an extreme!  He was in his late 30′s while she was 25.  She had always had a kink about peeing in diapers.  So, on a play weekend, she was kept in diapers full time.  The routine was the same both Saturday and Sunday during my visit.  In the morning, after breakfast, she was taken into the bathroom, her diaper removed and she was given a very large enema.  This was to be sure the only thing she did in her diapers was pee!  Throughout the day, whenever she wimpered that she had pee peed, she was immediately taken over his knee, her wet diaper pulled down and she was given a hard spanking.  She then had to go stand in her corner, sometimes forced to sit in her naughty baby chair on her sore bottom, for up to half an hour.

My role throughout the weekend was to video every intimate detail of their play time.  I also took some stills, but most have her face shown.  It was frustrating for me, I had agreed not to bring a play partner, which was a mistake!  My mastabatory fantasies reached a new level that weekend!

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She was a naughty girl!

My favorite position for giving a spanking or enemas is over my knee.  This naughty girl is about to receive her second injection of soapy water before I continue spanking her bare bottom!
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I have to admit to a secret turn on for me, the marks that are left after I give a good spanking!  No deep bruising but enough red to last an evening, whether I use a strap, switch, paddle or my hand.  Of course, if there is a mark that lists till the next day, I must kiss it lovingly, rub soothing cream into her poor bottom and give the naughty girl a long licking till she cums again!
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anal discipline is another favorite punishment!

Thanks to all who visit the site on a regular basis!  This site just started to provide the daily visit stats for the site.  Over 100 visits some days of the week.  I would love to hear from more of you.  Tell me your fantasies, your interests and see if I can write a short story on the site to trip your trigger! 

I like to incorporate butt plugs, to prepare my submissive lover for the larger enema nozzles.  This is a medium plug, which helped her accomadate a nozzle with a 3/4 inch flair tip.  She took it like the good girl she can be.  Some have asked what lubricant I like to use, in this case it was vaseline.  Sometimes, after several enemas and the anus becomes sensitive, I switch to using cold cream.  It is very soothing and has a good visual!

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